9-18 juni 2017

Atelier Oerol


As we may have mentioned before, Oerol offers a lot of scope for experimentation. Our audiences are curious about the unknown and are open to material that is still rough, vulnerable. In fact, they cherish and enjoy this. This creates the ideal climate for the development of talent – the new generation of theatre-makers.

For a long time now, Atelier Oerol has been providing support to young artists in a process lasting several years. And we like to involve our audiences in this process by presenting the various stages between research, development and finished production during the festival.

Makers 2013-2014

This year, a new group of six young artists showed their works in progress in the Opmaat route: we presented the first sketches by Thabi Mooi, Karlijn Kistemaker, Johannes Bellinkx, Josephine van Rheenen, Laura Groeneveld and Sanne Nouws. Get acquainted with the makers.

Meet the makers!

In ‘Chosen by…’, all six Atelier makers revealed during the festival more about themselves. Each of them had a day during the festival on which you could visit a production and learn about their sources of inspiration and the driving forces behind their work. You could accompany the maker in question to a production from the Oerol programme of his or her choice, after which there was a discussion. A similarly intensive introduction was also possible though the two Atelier Routes, which combine productions by Oerol Atelier makers with conversations over lunch in the Oerol workshop.