For continuity of development and innovation, we are building bridges with partners so that productions large and small continue to arise on location and national and international talent continues to find its way to audiences.


A major European festival network Oerol participates in is IN SITU. This network stimulates the development of new forms of theatre and art in the public space. Oerol is one of nine core members, alongside a group of thirteen smaller co-organisers. The network covers nineteen countries in Europe. The exchange of artists and projects between these is set to grow in the years ahead.

Artopolis (Hungary)
Ctyri dny (Czech Republic)
KIT (Denmark)
Kosice 2013 (Slovakia)
La Strada (Austria)
Lieux publics (France)
Oerol (Netherlands)
Theater op de Markt (Belgium)
UZ Arts (Great Britain)