9-18 juni 2017

Useful Information


When is Oerol?

In 2015, from 12 to 21 June.

Where is Oerol?

There’s a clue in the word itself: Oerol means ‘all over’ in Terschelling dialect, and this is where the festival takes place: everywhere! The whole of the island of Terschelling is involved in Oerol. Your festival entranceband allows you to enjoy everything the festival has to offer. Festival productions can be found in the villages, on the beaches, but also in the most unexpected, out-of-the-way places on the island. There is music every day on the stage at the Groene Strand, and at festival centre the Westerkeyn a whole Oerol village springs up, where you can enjoy all kinds of acts. The theatre productions – for which you have to buy a ticket – take place in the dunes, the woods or on the beach.

How do I get there?

By train or festival bus and then boat! Train and bus will bring you to Harlingen Harbour, from where it is a short walk to the Rederij Doeksen ferry terminal. You can book a seat at festivalbussen.nl in one of the coaches that leave from Utrecht CS or Amsterdam CS direct to Harlingen Harbour. Or if you are going by car and have space to take some other passengers along, you can find people who are looking for a lift using the Toogethr app: m.toogethr.com/group/oerol. Sociable, cost-saving and good for the environment. During the festival, extra boats go from Harlingen to Terschelling, for the timetables and to book see the Rederij Doeksen site.

Where can I sleep?

In a hotel, holiday home, caravan or tent. For information on accommodation, contact Terschelling tourist information at VVV. Make sure you do have something booked before arriving on Terschelling. Unauthorised camping is forbidden everywhere on the island.

Travelling by car?

Coming month there will be a lot of road constructions on the A7 highway. A load of roads leading up to the A7 are scheduled to have constructions as well. Make sure you check your route on Van A naar Beter before leaving for Harlingen. Expect some delays when planning your trip out to Oerol.