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Oerol 2018 takes place from the 15th until the 24th of June. Oerol is the perfect place to see new theatre shows and to speak to artists, musicians and theatre makers about upcoming projects. Each year, the festival features dozens of premieres and a variety of productions from its own Atelier. Renowned and upcoming talented theatre makers present new work and there’s an extensive programme filled with small experimental pieces, land art and many musical performances. The festival gives theatre makers, artists, musicians and professionals a chance to exchange knowledge and to talk about upcoming projects.

Oerol invites journalists and reporters to cover the festival.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • Accredited journalists are expected to place an announcement and to cover the festival in the media which they work for.
  • Coverage of Oerol, (whether in print or audiovisual media) is expected to be sent to us as soon as it is published. Continued accreditation is partly based on previous coverage of the festival.
  • Oerol doesn’t reimburse traveling expenses, neither will it arrange accommodation. We recommend you book your ferry and accommodation as soon as possible.
  • The Marketing & Communication department of Oerol have a final say in whether or not a press accreditation will be provided.
  • As journalist/reporter you can apply for an accrediation for Oerol. We give a maximum of 2 accreditations per medium (for  instance: a reporter and a photographer). If we’ve given you your accreditation, you can use it to order free tickets
    during our special online presale period. You’ll receive a festival pass that lets you onto the festival terrain and the Guest register. During the festival, you can receive extra tickets for free there. You also receive a free wristband that gives you access to the expeditionprojects and the musical performances at the festival terrain. For questions send an e-mail to
  • Each festival we organize a number of meetings and lectures exclusively accessible for artists, press and professionals. Check the Professionals page for more information.

For 2018, the press accreditation will close at the 26th of april.