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Yearly, renowned artists and young upcoming talent present their work during the Oerol Festival. Oerol offers an extensive theatre, expedition, music and streettheatre program: large-scale theatrical productions to small experimental performances, landscape art and many musical shows.

The festival is the perfect place to meet up with colleagues, see new performances and to talk with one another about upcoming projects. To accommodate this, Oerol invites theatre makers, artists, musicians and professionals to visit the festival in a professional capacity. Once registered, professionals receive a free festival entrance wrist band that grants you access to the festival terrain and offers you to experience the music program and to visit our Expedition projects. When registered, you will be able to use our special online presale service. During Oerol, at the festival terrain a special guest ticket booth is available for professionals to buy additional tickets.

Scroll down in this menu and select ‘Register’ if you’re interested to register as a professional for Oerol 2017. In case of any questions, please contact us via or +31 562 448448

In case you are interested to create and present your new idea, theatre production, music, please visit our artist page for conditions and more information. Please be informed that programming is done at the invitation of our artistic team.