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One thing is clear: the arts arena is changing, and all the ‘players’ in this arena are looking for a new balance. We all want to continue to develop and renew. This is why, at Oerol, we are building new bridges with new partners, so that makers can continue to reach our audience and so that new productions, large and small, can continue to be made on location, and so that Dutch and international talent can continue to find its way to somewhere new. We do this by sharing our networks with one another and entering into new cooperations.

If you like to know which professionals are at Oerol festival 2017, download the list below.

download Professionals Oerol 2017

In Situ

Oerol is also making efforts in this area through its membership of IN SITU, the European network for the production and presentation of new forms of performing art in the public space.

In 2016 we coproduced:
– Collectief Walden – Windstilleven
– Theater T’eig – Die Welt ist ein Dorf
– Zimmerfrei – An island

In 2015 we coproduced:
Literair Productiehuis Wintertuin en Strijbos & Van Rijswijk – Muzikale Dwaalverhalen: En Hier Is Lijf
Schweigman& – Erf
Stereo Akt/Artus Company – Promenade, urban fate tourism (see video, starting at 2″13)
– TAAT – Khor II
– ZimmerFrei – An Island + Temporary Cities
– Kristof Kintera – Public Jukebox

In 2014 we coproduced:
– Claire Croize & Action Scenique – Primitive
– Lotte van de Berg en Daan ‘t Sas – Building Conversation
– Zweintopf – Noneventsmonuments IX
– Thor McIntyre Burnie  – Boiling Point.

In 2013 we coproduced:
– Berlin – Land’s End
– Judith Hofland – Like Me
– Benjamin Vandewalle – Birdwatching 4×4
– Teatri Oda – Invisible walls
– Lieux Public & Cie – Igor Hagard
– Dries Verhoeven – Fare Thee Well!
– Kud Ljud – Streetwalker Gallery

Over het IJ festival

Our own Atelier Oerol workshop programme focusses on the artists’ first meetings with Terschelling. We select a group of young, talented makers who have a desire to develop an idea prompted by the location; even though they may not yet know what this is. Through a series of workshops, trials are carried out that eventually become productions. This way, we help a new generation of makers make the transition from training to working. We will investigate how such a link between practice and theoretical framework can offer added value to the development of graduate makers, as well as the field of location-specific and landscape theatre as a whole.

In cooperation with Over het IJ festival, we will be examining the relationship between urban and rural landscape location use, partly by providing joint support to makers. We believe Atelier Oerol has a vital role to play; after all, the talented young artists of today are the stars of tomorrow, and innovation contributes to progress.