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Sense of Place

Taking the tidal landscape of Terschelling as our inspiration, Oerol is focusing on new forms of location-specific theatre – sometimes in its pure form, and sometimes interacting with dance, the visual arts, design, landscape architecture, new media, music and performance. Each year, Oerol puts together a programme made up of approximately 40 theatrical productions, 20 ‘Expedition’ projects and dozens of concerts and performances in the streets of Midsland and West Terschelling. Since 2013 the general theme is Sense of Place. In addition, we play a significant role in the development of young makers through the workshop programme Het Atelier (a cooperation between Oerol and Over het IJ Festival).


For the programming, the festival’s artistic directors – together with the programmers – are constantly on the lookout for professional projects that can make an original, interesting contribution to the festival.

Productions are programmed exclusively at the invitation of the festival. This means that it is not possible to apply to take part. The programmers scout the acts/productions themselves.


Ticket sale agreement theatre shows

Oerol uses a ticket sale agreement system for the theatre shows that ensures the shows are financed by the receipts of the ticket sales. Please read the document on ticket sales you will find on the Financial Matters page for the finer details of the workings of this agreement.