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Marc van Vliet

De Streken



Genre Installation, Visual arts, Environmental art
Access free admission
Duration Ongoing
Location 37. Dijk Perkweg
Type Open air
Accessible for All ages, Deaf/hard of hearing , Language no problem, Walking difficulties, Blind/ visually impaired
Language Without text
IMG_6074 (1).jpg

The tide continuously influences the shape – and the visitor’s experience – of this installation on the mudflats near Oosterend. During low tide, the installation is a quiet place with a serene view of the mudflats. During high tide, you’ll find yourself surrounded by water. Experience Wadden life up close.

De Streken will be making its return to Oerol in 2024. This installation creates a sacred space shaped by the tidal rhythms. The operating dates for De Streken have been scheduled around the spring tide, aligning with the tide cycles and the full moon. The installation will be accessible from 4th June to 13th September.

Accessibility info

The artwork De Streken can be viewed from the dyke. Access to the installation is possible via a narrow boardwalk over the water.

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