Festival Sites


Festival centre Westerkeyn

The heart of our festival is festival centre Westerkeyn, which is centrally located on the island just east of Midsland. If you’ve not been there before, just join the great flow of cyclists turning left into the fields at the mid-point of the island. No cyclists? Don’t panic! We have of course also hung up signs to guide you.

The Westerkeyn reflects everything the festival has to offer, making it a great place to spend some time. There are all kinds of preview acts, as well as swinging concerts, stomping DJ sets and hilarious street-theatre acts, do-it-yourself workshops and background info on makers and their shows in discussions and seminars. So there’s lots to enjoy while relaxing over coffee and cake or savouring a cold beer and some good tapas.

At our festival centre you will also find the regular box offices, information on times of performances and programme changes, the last-minute box office for those impulsive decisions or help making a well-considered choice at the help-me-choose desk. All attractively packaged and brought together to create a perfectly pleasant place to meet during Oerol.

So now you know where to go: we look forward to seeing you!


De Betonning is the spot to find music and projects about sustainability and innovation.

Feet in the sand or nestled in your zigzag overlooking the sea with some colorful decoration. The music on the Betonning is hosted by several guest festivals this year.