Oerol on the mainland


Oerol is dedicated to creating an inclusive and accessible festival where everyone feels welcomed, with a particular focus on those who might not typically have the opportunity to engage and make their way to Terschelling. This year Oerol has partnered with two cities in Friesland to present performances on the mainland before and after the festival itself.

4-9 June | Compagnie XY in Leeuwarden

Eighteen acrobats merge circus arts with social interactions on the streets of Leeuwarden. Their performances range from the spectacular to the profoundly intimate, always bespoke and set to appear in various locales in Leeuwarden before moving on to the Oerol Festival. Compagnie XY’s shows spring up unexpectedly in public spaces and are open to all, free of charge.

20-23 June | Groupe ZUR in Harlingen

In the Entrepot building at Harlingen’s port, French troupe Groupe ZUR dynamically and melodically makes the unseen forces of the wind visible in their show, Vento. Vento will be performed from Thursday, 20 June, through Sunday, 23 June. The opening day’s performances are reserved for students and invited guests by the municipality.

Tickets for Vento in Harlingen can be purchased via the button below. You will be redirected to an external Eventim page. If you have any questions about ticket sales for Vento in Harlingen, please contact the Eventim Help Desk.

*Please note, these tickets are only valid for the Vento performances in Harlingen from 20 to 23 June!