First time at Oerol

All first times are exciting, but above all, a lot of fun! To ensure you leave home knowing what to expect, we’ve put together some handy information for you. With these tips, you’ll go from a novice Oerol-goer to an expert in no time.

Jong stel arriveert op de haven van West Terschelling
Vier mannen en een vrouw dansen tijdens een pop-up feestje aan het Duinmeertje van Hee tijdens Oerol 2019
Twee vrouwen genieten van een drankje op festivalterrein de Betonning tijdens Oerol 2022.
Vriendgroep van 8 mannen en vrouwen van verschillende leeftijden die lachend poseren voor de foto.
Twee jonge vrouwen zitten op een opblaasbank voor hun tent op camping de Kooi in Hee, Terschelling
Dansende mensen bij het optreden van zangeres Merol op festivalterrein de Betonning tijdens Oerol 2022
Jong stel met een blond peuter meisje op het festivalterrein
Twee vijftigplus vriendinnen aan de koffie in de deuropening van hun tent
Drie jonge vrienden voor hun tent op camping De Kooi in Hee, Terschelling
een man met een gele muts en dreadlocks loopt naar een pop-feestje aan het duinmeertje van Hee tijdens Oerol 2019.

Where am I going?

Congratulations, you’re going to Oerol! Oerol is located on Terschelling. Perhaps you’ve never been to one of the Wadden Islands before. The Wadden Islands follow the coast of The Netherlands and Germany, stretching up into Denmark, and separating the North Sea from the sheltered, shallower Wadden Sea. Terschelling is situated between the islands Vlieland and Ameland, and you’ll get there – you guessed it – by boat from Harlingen Haven. More on that under the heading ‘The Crossing’. But first, make sure your suitcase is packed properly.

What should I bring?

When it comes to clothing, it’s wise to pack various layers. This way, you’ll be well-equipped for the cold nights and chilly mornings, but won’t melt when the sun comes out. Speaking of melting: sunscreen with a good SPF is essential in your luggage, as well as swimwear, a towel, sunglasses, a rain poncho, insect repellent (DEET), and, of course, a simple (but always handy) water bottle. Preferably from a sustainable brand, of course. Also, remember to bring a tick remover, a fully charged power bank, and highly recommended: a comfy cushion. This way, you won’t end up with a sore bottom while watching performances. If you prefer music performances, make sure to protect your ears and bring (music) earplugs. These can also come in handy at night while lying in your tent. It may go without saying, but leave all valuables you don’t need at home.

You don't need to bring your entire shoe collection. Just bring a pair that you feel comfortable walking in and that can withstand some rough terrain.

Remember, you want to move around as easily as possible in dune valleys, through the woods, or at the festival hub. Sandals, flip-flops, or water shoes are handy on the campsite and at the beach, especially in warm weather.

Depending on where you’ll be sleeping after an eventful day at Oerol (camping, holiday cottage, or in a tent), consider bringing the following items: a warm sleeping bag, a good sleeping mat, a gas stove/burner for cooking or making coffee, a groundsheet, folding chairs, a cooler box, a torch (which you can wear on your head – especially useful for nighttime walks), and a pocket knife or multitool with a can opener.

Oops, did you forget your toothbrush? Although you may be on an island, you’re fortunately not on a deserted one. You can find many shops in the villages, such as the local supermarket, drugstore or HEMA. Just make sure to check the opening hours, as they may be less extensive than you’re used to.

The crossing

Time to set sail! Always buy your ferry tickets well in advance, not just when you’re at the port. In the run-up to the Oerol Festival, it can get very busy, so the ferries fill up quickly. Also, like Rederij Doeksen (the ferry service between Harlingen, Vlieland, and Terschelling) recommends, make sure to be present half an hour before departure. Take a look at the Doeksen website to plan your crossing seamlessly. You can choose between the ferry service (approx. 120 min.) or the fast service (approx. 50 min.), for which you pay a surcharge. Want to bring your bike, bike trailer, or surfboard? You can do this on the ferry service, but you’ll also pay a surcharge for this.

Speaking of bikes: if you bring or rent a bike on the island, you can decorate it nicely. This way, you’ll find your bike more easily in the bike parking areas. This also applies to your tent. For example, hang a recognizable, cheerful ribbon on it. And another tip: if you have long, straight hair, tie it back on Harlingen Haven and on West-Terschelling Haven. It can be quite windy, so you’re likely to miss the view and turn into a walking bird’s nest in no time. Nothing wrong with going for that windswept look, of course!

Ready, Set, Go!

So, are you ready, Oerol expert? Great! We wish you a lot of festival fun. If you’re still looking for more information about accommodation, transportation, or tickets and sales? No problem. Click on the links below and read all the information at your ease.