Be a Supporter

Oerol isn’t an island on Terschelling. We’re deeply rooted here and work here year-round. The islanders aren’t just our visitors, suppliers, colleagues, and neighbours; they’re also our valuable Supporters. By this, we mean all the Terschelling entrepreneurs and sponsors who support us annually.

Met zet protestborden aan een zandpad in de theatervoorstelling Acts of Citizenship van theatergezelschap Via Berlin en Berlage Saxophone Quartet in samenwerking met de Universiteit van Amsterdam tijdens Oerol 2022

As a Supporter of Oerol, you contribute to the flourishing of both the festival and the island. Because the Oerol experience isn’t limited to just the festival locations; it’s also shaped by bike rentals, accommodations, shops, and of course, pubs, cafés and restaurants.

Because the Supporters of Oerol are indispensable, we like to involve them in various ways with the festival so we can collaborate on a sustainable basis. Without the support of the island entrepreneurs, Oerol couldn’t host a festival that appeals to a broad and often new audience.

Cultural Guarantee Fund

The Supporters of Oerol originated from the Cultural Guarantee Fund, which was established in 1995 to financially support Oerol. In 1994, there was no Oerol, causing many (island) entrepreneurs to lose a significant amount of income. Several Terschellinger entrepreneurs then provided an interest-free loan to ensure the future of the festival. Since 1995, more than 250 island entrepreneurs have made a substantial contribution to the festival every year. Additionally, The Guarantee Fund provides a roof over our heads as the owner of the Oerol office.

Support Oerol

You can donate once, regularly, or periodically. With a periodic or ongoing donation, you provide us with security for the future and the ability to invest in innovative developments that will be showcased at the festival in a few years. Additionally, with a periodic donation, you can benefit from tax advantages due to our ANBI status: 125% of the donated amount is deductible.

Become part of the network of Terschelling entrepreneurs as a Supporter of Oerol. By working closely together, we can achieve our shared objectives and establish a sustainable connection, ensuring that Oerol remains synonymous with Terschelling—and vice versa—for much longer!

Want to learn more about supporting Oerol with your business? Send an email to or call 0562 448 448.