Safe festival environment

Oerol goes beyond our artistic ambitions. We want to make a difference. And we can.

With determination and optimism, we strive for a world where everyone counts and receives equal opportunities, and where social value, not economic growth, is at the forefront. We reach out to everyone open to change. Together, we explore and envision our future.

twee mensen in felgekleurde kleding waarvan de een de ander een kus op het hoofd geeft in de theatervoorstelling The world is as you are, een experimenteel theaterconcert van Maas theater en dans x REINDIER gespeeld op Oerol 2022.

As a festival, we make a conscious choice to embrace a multitude of voices and to be accessible to an ever-growing number of people. We see it as our duty to narrow the perceived gap: between the big cities and the countryside, between generations, but also between people with different socio-cultural backgrounds, financial situations, gender, and health. We can only discover new and compelling perspectives necessary to tackle the challenges of climate, globalisation, and social inequality if we strive for an inclusive festival. We continue to work hard towards that goal: with patience, love, and consideration for everyone’s feelings.

'Especially in these times, Oerol is a great place for us to showcase our performances about socially challenging topics and unspoken themes to an audience that comes from every village, every city, and every culture to the island.' Celil Töksoz, artistic director Theater RAST

To truly be a festival where everyone feels safe and seen, we need to make it even clearer what Oerol stands for, how we strive towards a safe festival environment, and how we actively monitor this. We will become even more vocal against racism, discrimination, and microaggressions targeting our staff, volunteers, artists, neighbours and visitors.

Awareness teams

Starting in 2024, Oerol will implement awareness teams and the accompanying training and programs. This ensures that everyone working during Oerol, including volunteers, knows how to handle various situations. More information on this will follow later.


Bringing about change requires self-examination and questioning one’s own position. Oerol actively invests in awareness training and discussions for staff, volunteers, and artists. We need to understand which system is dominant (white supremacy) and how we are part of it in order to change existing systems of exclusion, unequal opportunities, and power distribution. Our daily lives are influenced by these systems. Through our own behaviour, we can effect change. Self-examination of our own thought and behaviour patterns, often stemming from privileges, is essential to go beyond simply checking off desired actions.

The quest for a polyphonic festival, where everyone feels heard, seen, and respected, is complex, but we will not shy away from the challenge!

Code of Conduct

For social safety and a secure working environment, we adhere to a code of conduct (in Dutch) that is part of the contract for everyone involved in Oerol, including employees, creators, and suppliers.