At Oerol, we strive for an inclusive and accessible festival experience for as many people as possible. This ensures that you can enjoy your festival experience without worries!

Een spastische vrouw en haar begeleider genieten van het zeewater in de Noordzee in een Strandrolstoel

Programme filter

The programme overview provides the option to filter by accessibility, allowing you to quickly get a first impression of the programme tailored to your wishes and needs. Below is an explanation of the different terms and options.

Please note: If there is no text under ‘Accessible for’ in the left column of a performance, then the location or performance is not adapted. The audience effort indicates the distance to a performance.

De Oerol vlag wappert bij aankomst van de veerboot van Rederij Doeksen op Terschelling.


The boats of Rederij Doeksen are wheelchair accessible and suitable for people with limited mobility. Read more about accessibility at Rederij Doeksen here. Most performances are best reached by bicycle. If you have limited mobility or the distances are too great to cover by wheelchair, consider bringing an adapted vehicle such as a mobility scooter or a tricycle on the boat. On Terschelling, there are limited options for renting adapted vehicles. Some aids are available for loan or rental via Wadzorg. Parking with a disabled parking permit is free in designated parking spaces. Are you coming by car and unsure where you can park? Contact or use the contact form for advice. The public transport buses on Terschelling are wheelchair accessible.

Een ruimteschip ligt te roken naast een wit huisje in het bos in theatervoorstelling Komt Goed van toneelgroep Oostpool tijdens Oerol 2022.


Oerol has contact with various locations where accommodation and care are possible for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility. For more information, contact our accessibility coordinator via the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Home care
It is possible to enlist home care services. For example, through Buurtzorgteam Terschelling or Thuiszorg Het Friese Land. Aids are available for loan or rental via Medipoint.


Do you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for our accessibility coordinator? We look forward to hearing from you.

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