Oerol in your will

Oerol has undergone a long and fascinating journey. The first festival was organised in 1982 by Joop Mulder, then owner of Café de Stoep in Midsland. Since then, the festival has been taking its loyal visitors to large-scale events in the dunes and to intimate, poetic artworks in the forests. Here, science and art go hand in hand on the beach, while street theater in the villages plays an indispensable role. By including Oerol in your will, you ensure that the landscape of Terschelling will continue to inspire artists and visitors for many generations to come.

Pass on Oerol to the next generation

Does Oerol have a special place in your heart? Do you also want Oerol to continue for many years as the largest location theater festival in Europe? Through a bequest or a legacy, you can pass on Oerol to the next generation.

Drie door mensen gespeelde torren met een doodskist uit de theatrale ceremonie Herinner Ons van theatergroep Gouden Haas, gespeeld op Oerol 2023.

Stichting Terschellings Oerol Festival has been designated by the Tax Authorities as a cultural Public Benefit Institution (ANBI) and is therefore completely exempt from gift and inheritance tax. This means that the entire amount benefits the festival. Donating to a charity can only be done with a will drawn up by a notary.


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Contact our office to request the brochure and for questions about including Oerol in your will. Send an email to steun@oerol.nl or call 0562 448 448.