ANBI & governance

Oerol = cultural ANBI

Stichting Terschellings Oerol Festival has been designated by the Tax Authorities as a cultural Public Benefit Institution (ANBI), and is therefore completely exempt from gift and inheritance tax.

The entire amount benefits the festival. In fact, it may even cost you less net because the government contributes to your donation. You can deduct your gift from your income tax. The tax benefit depends on your income and the amount of your gift. A periodic donation is not dependent on your income; there is no deduction threshold or limit. Therefore, the entire gift is deductible.

For donors to cultural ANBIs, there is also an additional deduction for gifts. Individuals may deduct 1.25 times the amount of the gift in their income tax return. This additional deduction applies to all gifts to a cultural ANBI, both one-time and periodic gifts, up to a maximum of €5,000 per year.

The amount of tax refund for a periodic donation depends on your income and age. The donation must be documented in writing for five years to enjoy the tax benefit. Enter the annual donation amount along with your gross annual income and age to calculate the additional amount you can donate or receive back from the Tax Authorities. Extra tax benefits apply to cultural donations.

For more information and calculation examples, visit the Tax Office website (Dutch).

Stichting Terschellings Oerol Festival

Zuid Midslandweg 4
8891 GH Terschelling-Midsland
phone. (+31) 562 448448 |

KvK | 41005122
RSIN | 803778302

Mission of the Foundation

To organise cultural events on or from Terschelling, particularly the annual Oerol festival.

Members Supervisory Board

Jerry Straub | chair
Dick Visser
Mirella Muroni
Baukje Jensma
Trix van der Vleuten
Ton Schroor

Documents such as the most up-to-date policy plan and the latest available annual financial data can be downloaded below. (in Dutch).

Stichting Vrienden van Oerol

Oosterend 43A
8897 HX Oosterend-Terschelling
account: NL55RABO 0342 4133 33 (for Friends)
account: NL46 RABO 0364 5751 82 (for Pioneers)
KvK | 41003404
RSIN | 814812880

Bestuur Stichting Vrienden van Oerol

Oeds Bijlsma | president
Arno van Veen | financial Officer
Floor Vuurboom | general
Jan Hoogstra | tax advisor
Amarins Geveke | secretary

Stichting Vrienden van Oerol does not have any employees.

Remuneration Policy: No remuneration takes place.

Documents outlining the main lines of the current policy plan of the Friends Foundation, as well as a current report of the activities carried out and the financial accountability, will soon be available below. (In Dutch).

Cultureel Garantiefonds Terschelling | Supporters van Oerol

Secretariat Garantiefonds
p/a Nieuwe Dijk 8
8881 HC West-Terschelling
Fax: 084-4399994

Bank gegevens:
IBAN | NL33RABO0342405969
att.. St. Cultureel Garantiefonds Terschelling

To this account go the (supplements to) interest-free loans, but since 2010 also the Oerol donations.

BTW | NL804455144B01
KvK | 41005143

Remuneration Policy: No remuneration takes place.