Be our Friend

As a Friend of Oerol, you are one of the festival’s main sponsors. You thereby contribute to a solid foundation for the production of Oerol, ensuring that we can put together a special and surprising programme each year.

Twee vrijwilligers doen een vriendenbandje om bij een Vriend van Oerol, Oerol 2023

By being or becoming a Friend of Oerol, you ensure that Oerol can continue to exist in the future. Collectively, the Friends of Oerol are the festival’s biggest sponsor. With their contribution, more than 11,000 Friends lay a very solid foundation for the production of our festival, year after year.

Always a Friend in the crowd

You can recognise our Friends by the special Friends wristband, which you wear alongside your regular festival wristband. This wristband not only offers discounts at various island businesses but also grants you access to a special Friends’ event during the festival, which we organise in collaboration with Terschelling entrepreneurs. And that’s just the beginning of the benefits we offer our Friends.

What does our Friendship bring to you?

‘When I first came to Oerol years ago, I thought, ‘This festival is made for me!’ Oerol visitor and Friend from the beginning

Give a Friendship with Oerol as a gift!

Would you like to share your love for Oerol with a friend, family member, or colleague? Make someone happy with the Friends gift voucher.

Send an email to and include:

  • The amount of the Friend subscription of your choice.
  • Your own name and address.
  • The name, address, and email address of the person to whom you want to give a Friends gift voucher.
  • You will receive a confirmation email from us, and the gift voucher will arrive shortly after.

Cultural Public Benefit Organisation (in Dutch ANBI)

Donating to Oerol is advantageous due to our ANBI status.


Do you have questions about becoming, staying, or being a Friend? Then email