For the artists

Thanks to you, Oerol is an island festival that for 10 days takes the lead in creating a vibrant mix of programme components and activities. Here you will find all the documents that can be useful for you as a creator, producer, communications specialist, or artist.

Bezoekers bekijken het programma op het festivalterrein tijdnes Oerol 2022.

Artists handbook

Download the manual for the makers here. This manual provides you with tools to navigate, both before and during the festival. Take your time to go through it, or keep it handy when you’re looking for answers. And don’t hesitate to reach out to us if things are less straightforward than we anticipate. We’ll continue updating this information, so always make sure you have the latest version.

Ecological Compass

Download the Ecological Compass here. This Ecological Compass is a document created by Oerol, outlining artistic, substantive, and practical frameworks for a sustainable ecological approach.

Code of conduct

Download here the code of conduct that is part of the contract for everyone involved in Oerol, including employees, creators, and suppliers.

PR toolkit

Download here the PR toolkit, which is created to enhance our joint visibility.

General terms and conditions

Download the general terms and conditions for Oerol Festival 2024 here. This document contains the general terms and conditions for participants in the festival, including rules regarding performances, liability, safety, intellectual property rights, and procedures in case of cancellation or changes to performances.

Financial conditions for ticketed performances

Download the financial conditions for our ticketed programming here. The document explains how payments work, what costs are involved, and how everything regarding the performances is financially managed.


Download the document about electricity at Oerol here and read all about the power supply at Oerol.

Standard Prices

Download the rate overview for 2024 here. In this document, you’ll find the rates for things like electricity, transportation, cleaning, and accommodation.