Oerol presents generous donation for the construction of children’s playground in Lies

© Gerry Visser

At the Nature Barn in Lies, Staatsbosbeheer has been working on a fantastic new plan for a while now: the construction of a new children’s playground. Today, April 16th, the renovated Nature Barn was reopened. Simultaneously, the kick-off for the construction of the playground took place, which is scheduled to be completed in 2026. Interim Business Director Daniële Streep and Head of Communication & Marketing Carola Poleij were present to present a check of a whopping 21,257 euros.

Last year, one euro per festival wristband sold was donated to Staatsbosbeheer to help fund the playground construction. This resulted in the generous amount of 21,257 euros. Naturally, we are extremely proud of this! We hope everyone will appreciate what Staatsbosbeheer is creating there.

The Nature Barn in Lies is wonderfully situated at the beginning of a beautiful dune area and has always been in touch with nature. From there, wonderful excursions with forest ranger Remi Hougee of Staatsbosbeheer begin. But when the playground is completed in 2026, you will have an even easier time connecting with the flora and fauna. Not only will the building itself be renewed, but the outdoor space will also be involved, creating a real connection between children and nature.

That’s why the yard will be widened, and tree trunks with water pumps will be installed to create a water playground. Various other natural elements will also be incorporated, from which you and your child can learn a lot. You’ll be able to walk through a tunnel of willow branches, with feathers brushing your face. And the volunteers of the Nature Barn will not only be ready with delicious coffee but also with all sorts of educational tips. It will be much more than climbing on a jungle gym. And if you don’t learn anything new here, we’ll eat our beautifully illustrated information board.

The nature playground will primarily be for children, but more importantly, it will be truly for all children. Much care, attention, and love are being given to making the place fully accessible for children with disabilities. This way, children will be able to connect with nature at this wonderful location of Staatsbosbeheer in Lies.

The more souls learn about the flora and fauna on Terschelling, the better. And did we mention that our donation helps make this possible? It’s not to boast; we’re just proud and happy. So come and experience the children’s playground from 2026 and visit the Nature Barn now for cool expeditions like this one! (On display until Oerol.)”