Typhoon returns to Oerol with lobi in the lead

Typhoon loopt door het publiek tijdens zijn optreden op festivalterrein de Westerkeijn tijdens Oerol 2011
© Marleen Annema

From June 7th to 16th, 2024, when the days are at their longest, Terschelling will be hosting Europe’s largest site-specific arts festival: Oerol Festival. In addition to theater performances, Oerol is known for its street theater, art installations in nature, talks and storytelling, music, and parties at the seaside festival heart and in the island’s restaurants and bars. From east to west, from mudflat to beach; Oerol is an experience that you’ll feel in your bones for ten days and remember for 365 days.

Musical Discoveries and Established Names

Music plays a significant role in Oerol’s programming, and the festival heart is the stage for musical discoveries. From northern talents to international sounds. On Sunday, June 9th, Typhoon will perform at Deining, the festival hub by the sea. With everything Typhoon does, love comes first. With love, he skillfully captures significant life themes in personal expressions about faith, love, choices, slavery, and ambition.

Bumble B. Boy is dubbed the ‘most confusing festival sensation in the Netherlands,’ with his mix of theatricality, storytelling, and punk energy, Library Card combines frenetic post-punk with spoken word, carefree indie rock, and heartrending post-rock. Old acquaintances return in new combinations like Amsterdam Klezmer Band & Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra. On Sunday, June 16th, S10 is one of the closing acts at the festival heart, sharing her most personal stories in a blend of singing, rap, and spoken word. The festival heart is closed daily by rotating DJs with a beach party.

Grand Rendez-Vous at the Brandaris

This year, there will be plenty of street theater programmed in West-Terschelling, Midsland, and the festival heart. The biggest project Oerol welcomes is the French Company XY, which takes festivalgoers on an adventurous journey across the island. Chance passersby become part of their circus performance interventions, with two major closing events, a Grand Rendez-Vous, at the Brandaris Square. Expect a variety of street theater forms. In addition to physical (music) theater, mime, and slapstick, there are percussionists, an opera, and… a zombie.

Dyslexic Erotic Disco

Sophia Blyden, the new Storytelling and Talks programmer, showcases the richness of the spoken word in West-End Theater, Bostheater, and the festival heart. Gerson Main plays at Oerol with songs and stories about aging. Last year, he conducted research in nursing homes throughout the Netherlands. In the Bostheater, you’ll also find the poetic performance Oerhert by the Anger’s Family Tree trio, where the poems from Astrid Haerens’ acclaimed debut collection come together with improvisational jazz on cello and synthesizer.

In the cozy West-End Theater, a shortened version of Alle dichters hebben gouden helikopters (All poets have golden helicopters) by Joost Oomen is performed, about why our prime minister (and we) should read poetry. Mathieu Wijdeven also returns to Oerol with his new show Saboteurs, in which he, with a touch of magic, reexamines our view of ‘the other’ and ourselves. West-End is turned upside down by Pim Holland with Pims Intimate Tracks (18+). This verbal sex worker is the founder of the Dyslexic Erotic Disco music genre. He puts on an absurd, interactive show for the curious Oerol visitor.

At the festival hub, Deining, a range of established and talented performers will take the stage, including Mahat Arab, Luan Buleshkaj, and Sanne van Dijk.

Landscape Art

During the day, hop on your bike and visit the Expedition program at your own pace, featuring visual installations and landscape art scattered across the island. In the Expedition program, Oerol uses art as a force for change and awareness with multidisciplinary art projects that challenge you to think about climate change, climate justice, and your own actions. Such as the compelling imagery of CATPC, the art collective of Congolese plantation workers, which is also this year’s Dutch entry for the Venice Biennale. The Saramaka collective Totomboti creates the soundwork Kanda Hanka / Liederen Verankeren, presented in both the Netherlands and Pikin Slee, Suriname. And closer to home, an exploration of Terschelling’s archaeological history, a collaboration between architect Sjoerd Bosch and Dr. Heleen van Londen, supported by the Waddenacademie. And don’t forget De Streken, the iconic artwork by Marc van Vliet, a tidal object, wind rose, and meeting place on the Wadden coast.

On May 7th, Oerol Festival will publish the full program. Ticket sales start on Friday, May 17th. Pre-sale for the more than 11,000 Friends of Oerol starts on Tuesday, May 14th.