Ferry to (West-)Terschelling

To get to Terschelling, you have two options: the regular ferry service (120 minutes) or the fast ferry service (50 minutes).

You can purchase tickets for the ferry through Rederij Doeksen. On their website, you’ll find all the information about fares and schedules. You’ll also find information about luggage transportation, bringing bicycles, and pets.

The boats operated by Rederij Doeksen are wheelchair accessible and suitable for people with limited mobility. Read more about accessibility at Rederij Doeksen.

If you have limited mobility or the distances are too far to cover with a wheelchair, consider bringing an adapted vehicle such as a scootmobile on the boat.

Oerol vlag wappert boven bezoekers die van de boot van Rederij Doeksen Terschelling op wandelen.
Twee vrouwen komen bepakt en bezakt van de boot van Rederij Doeksen op West-Terschelling aan