Partner in nature

Oerol has a close and valuable relationship with Staatsbosbeheer, the Dutch State Forestry Commission, engaging in year-round discussions about the synergy between nature and culture. This collaboration forms the basis for our pursuit of a sustainable festival on Terschelling.

Acteur bekijkt boom tijdens theatervoorstelling How To Exit a Reality (Attempt 1 of 19) van Andrea Božić en Julia Willms tijdens Oerol 2023.

The collaboration goes beyond simply using locations that Staatsbosbeheer manage. We integrate ecological principles with a keen eye for sustainability and preservation of the ecosystem. The joint effort for nature conservation and art not only strengthens the bond between Oerol and Staatsbosbeheer but also contributes to our audience’s engagement with the island’s nature and cultural heritage.

We go beyond minimising our impact; in some cases, we even lend nature a hand. For example, at Arjensduin, Oerol is used to combat excess growth in the area. By allowing hundreds of visitors to enter the area, the sand can blow, giving dune plants a chance to thrive.

Where nature excels is in surviving in an energy-efficient way, and humans could learn a thing or two from that. Feline Zwaan, Forest ranger Terschelling