This is a challenging point to make more sustainable, given the geographical location of our festival and the large flow of visitors who travel to Terschelling annually. We are committed to innovative and environmentally friendly transportation solutions that minimise our impact but we cannot do it alone. Our audience plays a crucial role in these efforts. Read below how we can together make our transport and your journey to Terschelling more sustainable.


Did you know that in the Netherlands alone, more than a billion kilometres are travelled annually to (sports) events and festivals? And that as much as 60 to 85% of the CO2 emissions from these events are caused by transportation? Often, visitors’ cars are only half full. That can, and should, change.

Oerol encourages ridesharing and the use of shared transportation. This year, we are taking a significant step with the introduction of the Slinger app. With this app, you indicate whether you are going to Oerol and if you have space in your car. Or, if you are looking for a ride with someone else nearby. This way, you not only reduce traffic congestion and the need for parking spaces, but you also decrease the overall CO2 emissions and have a shared, enjoyable travel experience! (More on this later.)

Efficient logistics

We optimise our logistical processes to make the transport of materials and equipment as efficient as possible. We combine transports to reduce the number of required trucks. Additionally, we encourage artists to plan joint transportation, allowing us to not only save costs but also reduce our ecological footprint.

Twee mannen bouwen hekken op voormalig festivalterrein de Betonning op Oerol.
En man met een sloophamer en een tractor helpen bij de opbouw van voormalig festivalterrein de Westerkeyn op Oerol.

Sustainable Events Terschelling project group

Together with island event organisations Springtij, Mooi Weer, Filmdagen Terschelling, T Jazz, Rock and Roll Street, and the events falling under SET (Fjoertoer, Berenloop, Terschelling Vertelt, and Kunst en Vliegwerk), Oerol is part of the Sustainable Events Terschelling Project Group. We believe that by pooling our resources, we can reduce our footprint and become more self-sufficient. There are plans to purchase commonly usable materials that can be used by almost all events, such as mobile toilets, (bike) fences, stands, and tableware. Together, we are taking a step towards more sustainable material use and a significant reduction in transport movements.

(International) travel

As part of an extensive (inter)national network, we have become more conscious of our travel behaviour. We try to move away from using air travel and only travel by land and sea, in the most sustainable way possible. When travelling solo, we often opt for the train. In groups, we consider taking the car and/or bus. This may sometimes mean it takes us more time and effort to get somewhere, but we want to take responsibility and hope to inspire others to take similar steps. Together, we can truly make a difference!


During Oerol, there is no better way to explore the island than by bike. Not only does cycling contribute to a greener and cleaner environment, it is also good for your health and well-being. We realise that cycling is not a given for everyone. Happily, there are also (electric) shuttle buses and taxis on the island. Check out our general Transportation page for more information.

Vier jonge mensen fietsen op het fietspad vanaf festivalterrein de Deining op Oerol 2023.