Material use & waste reduction

We encourage all artists, companies, and production houses to opt for second-hand, rented, or borrowed materials, FSC-certified wood, or recycled FSC wood, and to refrain from using steel, PVC, tropical hardwood, synthetic textiles or materials, glitters, and toxic paints and dyes.

In a truly sustainable production, every material has had a previous life and will also have a future life. We promote the use of circular or cradle-to-cradle materials and the reduction of material usage. Additionally, we are committed to properly separating waste, avoiding single-use plastic and tableware, limiting printing, not using straws, balloons, or confetti, and avoiding contaminating liquids such as paint, grease, or solvents on-site. Fire extinguishers must contain biodegradable extinguishing foam.

'For a long time, there was hope that imagining a more sustainable future was enough to bring it about. Today, we are at the point where a sustainable reality must also be enforced. Also, because we need both. Oerol remains an arts festival.' Sabine Pater, artistic director of Oerol Festival

At Oerol, we believe in minimising waste and promoting recycling. We encourage our visitors to bring reusable water bottles, and to further support this initiative, we also provide water refill stations at the festival hub. This reduces the use of disposable bottles and promotes sustainable water usage.

Additionally, we place recycling stations throughout the festival grounds to ensure that waste is sorted and processed correctly.

Een man verzamelt materiaal op het Terschellinger strand, een voorstellingsbeeld expeditie voorstelling Interspecies Supermarket van De Onkruidenier tijdens Oerol 2023.