Nature conservation

As guardians of the stunning Wadden Sea area where our festival takes place, we take our role in nature conservation very seriously. We collaborate with Staatsbosbeheer and other landowners, including Rijkswaterstaat, Wetterskip, the municipality of Terschelling, and private individuals, to ensure that our festival causes minimal disturbance to the plant and animal species in the area. This is also reflected in our permit under the Nature Conservation Act (Wnb).

To preserve the natural environment, alterations to the landscape such as digging or pruning plants, trees, and bushes for the sake of artworks or performances are, in many cases, not permitted. Additionally, the use of fire or smoking on-site is prohibited due to the risk of fire. It is important that upon leaving the location, there has been no reduction in natural values: we leave the environment as we found it.

In this process, it is not about what we as humans find appropriate, but we primarily focus on what is suitable for the location itself. The location is considered an equal player and is the foundation of the project.

uitzicht over natuur-/duingebied de Noordsvaarder op Terschelling