That experiencing a slight dip once you’re home after ten days of letting loose at Oerol is quite normal. Luckily, much of the Oerol programming can also be enjoyed on the mainland. Additionally, you can leisurely read back issues of the Day Newspaper or re-listen to the music. Below you’ll find an overview to keep the Oerol feeling alive a bit longer!

Did you enjoy Opium at Oerol, or did you miss it? You can watch all episodes on NPO Start.

We have created an Oerol podcast that we are very proud of. In three episodes, you can listen to what happens behind the scenes at Oerol. You can listen to our Oerol podcast on Spotify, among other platforms.

The Oerol Festival is also featured in the podcast “De Nacht Van…” by NPO Radio 1. In five episodes, you are taken through the night from Oerol, where various performances are discussed. You can listen to the episodes on Spotify.

Chances are you’ll fly through all the podcast episodes. What now? Fortunately, we have our Oerol 2024 Spotify playlist ready for you. Dance along to the music you heard during the festival. Warning: you might find yourself grooving!

We have even more music for you. LEVEN performed in theatres before Oerol, so their tour has ended. However, due to popular demand, we are sharing the musical program from the performance. Enjoy the beautiful music played by Club Classique from the performance at home. You can find the musical program of LEVEN on the website of George & Eran Productions.

Browsing through
During the Oerol Festival, you could read the Day Newspaper daily. It’s full of information about the program, interviews, background stories, and other fun news for festival-goers. Did you miss the Day Newspaper during the festival, or would you like to ‘browse’ through it again? Visit for all the Day Newspapers from the past festival.

Many reviewers and journalists attended the festival, resulting in numerous wonderful reviews and articles. Curious? You can read them on our web page Oerol in the media. Note: some digital articles are behind a paywall.

During the festival, many groups enjoyed their premiere or used the space and opportunities on Terschelling to develop a first version with the audience. Once on the mainland, you can see the following performances again at festivals and theatres across the country (and sometimes in Belgium):

Groupe Zur | Vento
June 20 to 23: Entrepotgebouw, Harlingen

Het Zuidelijk Toneel / Theaterproductiehuis Zeeland | Crashtest Ibsen
June 21 to 23: Broek Festival, Mechelen (Belgium)

Theatergroep Suburbia / Kees Roorda | De Wouden
June 20 to July 7: Amsterdamse Bostheater

De Dansers / Club Gewalt | DEEP/END
Did you know HUSH (Oerol Festival 2023) is also playing at the Parade in Utrecht and Amsterdam?
June 27 to 29: Festival Tweetakt, Utrecht
August 8 to 10: Theaterfestival Boulevard, Den Bosch

Amira al Rawi / Maas theater en dans | Majnun
Amira was in residence during the festival as part of Werkplaats Oerol.
July 11 to 14: Over het IJ Festival, Amsterdam

July 12 to 14: Deventer op Stelten
August 10 to 11: Limburg Festival
August 16 to 18: Vis à Vis, Almere
August 23 to 24: Openluchttheater De Pinkenberg, Rozendaal

Kaleider | Arch
August 9 to 10: Theater Op de Markt, Hasselt (Belgium)
August 31: Freedom Festival, Hull (England)
October 6 & 11: The Flynn, Burlington VT (United States)

Het Houten Huis / Theater STAP | Voor ze verdwijnen
August 2 to 7: Theaterfestival Boulevard, Den Bosch

Manu van Kersbergen ft. .multibeat | De herontdekking van de hemel
August 3 to 5: Theaterfestival Boulevard, Den Bosch

Tijd van de Wolf | Memoria
August 1 to 5: Theaterfestival Boulevard, Den Bosch

DeRonde/Deroo | It really hurts when your head hits the concrete
June 21 to 25: De Parade, Eindhoven
July 9 to 12: De Parade, The Hague
August 6 to 8: Theater Aan Zee, Ostend (Belgium)
August 16 to 20: De Parade, Amsterdam
August 31: Chassé Theater, Breda

Futurists | ZUAM
September 5: Gaudeamus festival, Utrecht

Via Berlin | Huis G.
September 28: Festival September Me, Amersfoort

Theater RAST / Ferhat Kaplan | Bergen Verzetten
September 18 to October 18, various theatres

Birgit Schuurman | Struikelen
September 25 to December 21, various theatres

Orkater / De Nieuwkomers: Jelle en Jessica | Why such a strange love
October 16 to November 23, various theatres

Orkater / KONVOOI | High-Rise
October 25 to December 14, various theatres

S10 | Groeipijn
November 12 to December 28, various theatres

Circumstances / Piet van Dycke | Glorious bodies
September 14 to April 5, various theatres (also in Belgium)

Maas theater en dans / Cecilia Moisio | Waste me
March 13 to May 20, various theatres

De Onkruidenier
At the past festival, you saw De Onkruidenier with Meet the Salt-Loving Community. This Expedition is over, but you can find De Onkruidenier with other works in Amstelpark, Amsterdam until October 16.