Tangible Language Weekend

During the second weekend of the festival, a portion of Oerol’s programme will be made accessible for the blind and visually impaired. In the programme components of the Tangible Language Weekend, music and language take centre stage. For various performances, interpreters from our partner ‘Komt het Zien!’ will be present for audio description. Additionally, there will be various meet & feel introductions.

Once the programme is online, it will be possible to filter by accessibility in the programme overview, giving you a quick impression of what’s on offer for you.

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This year’s Tangible Language Weekend is from:
Friday 14th June to Sunday 16th June 2024

Man met koptelefoon staat tegenoveracteur, voorstellingsbeeld uit Technostalgia van Ulrike Quade gespeeld tijdens Oerol 2019


Before the performance, there will be a meet & feel introduction at the location. A meet & feel is a preparation for the performance, in which the director or theater maker outlines what happens in the piece. Often, you can also meet the voices of the actor(s) and see or feel the costumes and set up close. If you have registered, you will receive information about the exact time of the introduction a few days before the performance. The times may vary, but generally, the introduction starts about 60 minutes before the start of the performance. We will mention the exact time on the tickets. There are no extra costs involved; the prices for the performance including meet & feel are the same as for the regular performance.

Audio description

Before the performance begins, you will receive headphones and take your seat. The blind interpreter from ‘Komt het Zien!’ will describe everything that can be seen during the performance, so you won’t miss anything!

Suppose you need an interpreter during the weekend for a performance where no interpreter is available. In that case, you can use our ‘Jut de Tolk’ initiative. Just like the people of the Wadden Islands beachcombing for what they need along the coast (in Dutch known as jutten), as a visitor, you can ‘jut’ an interpreter. Fill in the contact form below, and we’ll try our best to find an interpreter for you. However, be quick because the sooner you send your request, the greater the chance of availability.

Coming with an interpreter or other assistance?

We would love to explore the possibilities with you. Please contact us via the contact form at the bottom of this page.


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