Visual Language Weekend

The second weekend of the Oerol Festival (from Friday June 14 until Sunday June 16) is entirely dedicated to the Visual Language. What does that mean? There will be deaf performers, and many programme components will be provided with Dutch Sign Language (NGT) interpreters and/or captioners.


NGT translation of the following texts


Our interpreters, both deaf and hearing, are ready to translate. Each performance indicates which interpreters are present. Speech-to-text interpreters work with iPads or Text on Stage, a large screen where the text can be read live.

Suppose you need an interpreter during the weekend for a programme component where no interpreter is available. In that case, you can use our ‘Jut de Tolk’ initiative. Just like the people of the Wadden Islands beachcombing for what they need along the coast (in Dutch known as jutten), as a visitor, you can ‘jut’ an interpreter. Send a WhatsApp message to Nathalie at +31 6-20107362 (text or NGT), and we’ll do our best to find an interpreter for you. Be quick, as the sooner you send your request, the greater the chance of availability.


Do you want to make the most out of your weekend at Oerol? You decide how! We provide you with tips packaged in routes, with interpreted performances, and plenty of choices. Some routes require tickets, for others, showing your festival wristband is enough. Whatever you choose, we wish you wonder, emotion, a broad smile, something to ponder, beautiful encounters, and above all: lots of fun!

Here are our routes, you can find the numbers on the (interactive) map.

These are our interpreters

  • Linde Terpstra: Meer dan Bauxiet; Voor ze Verdwijnen
  • Sarah Muller: Meer dan Bauxiet; Bergen Verzetten
  • Richard Cokart: Voor ze Verdwijnen; Bergen Verzetten
  • Anita Janssen: LEVEN; De Wachtkamer; Poëtische Rommel; Eenzame Stad; Crashtest Ibsen
  • Daan Heimans: LEVEN; De Wachtkamer; Poëtische Rommel; Eenzame Stad; Crashtest Ibsen
  • Dewi Latupeirissa: Artificial by Nature; S10; Crashtest Ibsen; straattheater
  • Sandra Markies: Artificial by Nature
  • Afke Hop: schrijftolk
  • Inge de Vries: schrijftolk
  • Co-tolken: Sandra Markies, Yvonne Jobse, Corline Koolhof

For all parts of the routes, you need a festival wristband. For some performances, you also need a ticket. Please send a WhatsApp message to the same number we use for ‘Jut de Tolk’: +316-20107362, or fill out the form below. After you have paid via the provided payment link, you will receive your e-ticket by email. Don’t wait too long, as tickets are limited!

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