Translation: Oerol Festival is pleased with the positive recommendation from the Council for Culture for 2025-2028

Today, the recommendations for national cultural subsidies for the period 2025 to 2028 have been announced. The Council for Culture advises on applications for the cultural basic infrastructure (BIS), and the Performing Arts Fund also decides which groups and festivals will receive four-year subsidies. Oerol has been a stable part of the BIS since 2017, and some of the creators with whom Oerol collaborates are structurally funded by the Performing Arts Fund.

We thank the Council for Culture for their continued recognition of the value of our work. In their recommendation, they wrote: “The council is positive about the recent editions. Oerol offers a unique experience in a unique location. Productions thrive differently on the island than elsewhere, and a visit to Oerol immerses the visitor in art and nature.” and “In recent years, the performances programmed by Oerol have become more related to society. The council welcomes this development and sees it in connection with the new artistic course and vision on the natural environment of the festival.”

Oerol’s General Director Mikey Martins responds: “Together with our partners, we continue to support creators to present societal issues and unspoken themes to a wide audience in the nature and culture of Terschelling. Art, culture, and creativity are fundamentally important to society. They connect, challenge, relax, and offer new insights and perspectives in a rapidly changing world with increasing challenges.”

We congratulate everyone who has received a positive recommendation, and at the same time, we are dismayed by other outcomes and deeply sympathise with all organisations that received a negative outcome, including groups from previous Oerol editions.

Read our Kunstenplan for 2025-2028 here and the full recommendation from the Council for Culture here. (In dutch)