Talent development

Talent Development in the Field of Location Arts has been an essential part of Oerol’s activities for decades.

For artists, the festival is a source of inspiration, a place to gain experience, test concepts, and present them to a wide audience, serving as a springboard for launching (inter)national careers.

Een dansers op een zwart blok in de theatervoorstelling SLEEEP DREEEAM WAKEEE van Het Atelier en Lucinda Wessels tijdens Oerol 2022.

In the upcoming editions, we will organise our talent development activities as follows:

Atelier Oerol Lab (location and landscape lab)

A multi-day introduction program where a group of new artists has the opportunity to meet other artists, programmers, production staff, Staatsbosbeheer, and other relevant partners. Together, they gather inspiration and sketch out the initial ideas and plans on paper. The artists are nominated from various (inter)national and regional networks and partners.

Atelier Oerol Residencies (research and development)

This program focuses on the development of artists by addressing specific development questions, preferably in collaboration with a producing partner. Residencies provide artists with the opportunity to ‘root’. The intention is for residencies to culminate in a presentation during the festival. Oerol offers guidance in the form of coaching based on its expertise in working with and from a (festival) location.

Atelier Oerol Presentations (springboard)

The presentation of the first location project by an emerging artist, developed in collaboration with the producing partner. The intention for the new Kunstenplan period is to annually reserve three to five spots for this purpose, distributed across various program lines. Artists have the opportunity to deliver a series of presentations to a broad and interested audience, who typically provide valuable feedback on their work.