Working the island

Every year, hundreds of cultural professionals flock to Oerol to see exciting new work, get inspired and get together in the barns, woods, dunes and beaches of Terschelling. If you’re coming to Oerol for work, make sure you register as an Oerol Professional to get more out of your festival experience. It’s no longer possible to register as an Oerol Professional for 2024, but you’ll be able to do so again for our 2025 festival as of spring 2025.

Ontmoeting Insitu makers in de backstage professionals lounge tijdens Oerol 2023.
professionals in gesprek over klimaatrechtvaardig produceren tijdens het derde kunst boven klimaat tijdens Oerol 2023

Why register?

  • To make sure that you can see the work you need to see as a professional, you can be the first to purchase tickets during a dedicated pre-sale
  • To help you connect with your fellow Oerol Professionals we’ll be organising informal meetings throughout the festival.
  • Oerol Professionals come to Terschelling to see the festival, but also to see each other. As part of your registration, you can add your profile to our online directory of professionals attending the festival. This directory is a resource for networking, allowing you to see who else will be at the festival, what they’re looking for, and when they’ll be available to meet up.

What makes you an Oerol Professional?

When applying to be an Oerol Professional, you’ll need to show that you work in the cultural sector for a programming organisation, production house, funder, policy organisation or as an artist or art student and/or that your work can increase Oerol’s social and environmental impact.

Not sure if you’re an Oerol Professional? Reach out to


We will make a selection based on the information you provide when you register to ensure you fulfil the criteria to be an Oerol Professional. The cost of the professional wristband is the same as a regular festival wristband. If you’re under 35, you’re eligible to purchase the professional wristband at the reduced price offered to younger general attendees.

twee professionals in gesprek over natuur en kolonialisme tijdens een Tent Talk op Oerol 2023.