International network

We have built a robust international network, which we leverage to support Dutch artists abroad, incorporate international voices into our programme, and promote the development of site specific arts.

een jongen en een klein meisje kijken in een container naar 3 grote tv-schermen


For years, Oerol has been a core partner of the European Union-supported project IN SITU, which aims to explore and stimulate artistic production in public spaces. Every year, we facilitate performances, residencies, and presentations as part of IN SITU. We enable established, leading artists or young international talents to find their way on the island. These artists often work on location for the first time.

We’re currently working with our IN SITU partners within the Creative Europe supported (un)common spaces project, which runs from 2020 – 2024.

In early 2024, the 31 partners of this network again applied for European funds in the form of a Creative Europe ‘platform project’ to share our expertise and platforms with a broader group of artists and strengthen the international dimensions of our talent development. The network is committed to developing new work at the European level and builds on the long-term relationships with over three hundred artists supported by the network over its twenty-year existence. This collaboration elevates our own ambitions in talent development to an international level.

'The landscape re-establishes connections, facilitates exchange, mixes populations. The landscape becomes a link. It re-establishes social ties.' Michel Collot


Oerol also coordinates the European network LAND, which brings together location arts organisations in protected natural areas and strengthens collaboration with nature conservators and scientists. Our Creative Europe funded project ‘transitioning LANDscapes,’ launched in January 2024, gives a powerful boost to this initiative. Here, we collaborate with Activate Performing Arts (UK), Le Citron Jaune (FR), and SYTEV (SK).

Een kluit aarde op bamboestokjes, een installatie tijdens de atelierroute van Oerol in 2019.
Een man staat op zijn kop, met zijn hoofd ingegraven, in het bos tijdens de Atelierroute van Oerol in 2019.

Performing Arts Funds NL (FPK)

In collaboration with the Performing Arts Fund NL and British and Dutch colleagues, we explore new, sustainable, and fair international collaboration and programming possibilities. We use focus programmes, study visits, and exchanges to address societal issues and examine our influential role as programmers. This collaboration provides space for reflection on the festival and has yielded important insights in recent years, with a strong focus on the impact of white supremacy on our society and the perspectives offered by the climate justice movement.