Volunteer Roles

There are heaps of different volunteer roles to choose from. Broadly speaking, you can divide these into public-facing roles, backstage roles, and coordinating roles.

Please read all the role descriptions carefully and think about which team you’d prefer before filling out the application form. We’d like to place you in the team that suits you best! In the application form, you can indicate three preferences. Please let us know if you do not speak Dutch, so we can find a role suitable to you.

Note: You can combine setup and teardown with another role during the festival period from Friday 7th June to Sunday 16th June. It’s not possible to combine roles during the festival period.

Bezoekers staan in de rij voor het Oerol-servicepunt op het haventerrein van Rederijk Doeksen in West Terschelling om hun festivalbandjes op te halen tijdens Oerol 2023

Backstage Roles

Public-facing roles

Service Desks

To guide visitors as smoothly as possible during the festival, there are service points at various locations. These service desks are staffed by two different teams: the service team and the merchandise team.

Coordinating Roles

If you’re keen on taking on more responsibility and getting a behind-the-scenes look at Oerol, consider a coordinating role. These positions require a longer commitment.