Oerol = for everyone

We aim to provide a safe festival and working environment where you can be yourself, and where unwelcome behaviour has no place. We expect everyone to treat each other with integrity, respect, and patience, and we do our utmost to ensure that every volunteer feels safe and welcome – both leading up to and during the festival.

Twee jonge mensen dansen op de muziek van KD Soundsystem op voormalig festivalterrein de Betonning tijdens Oerol 2019

If there is anything you are uncertain about and that may affect your volunteer experience, please let us know. This can be done via the registration form or by sending an email to vrijwilligers@oerol.nl. Together, we will undoubtedly find the perfect team for you!

If you do notice any unwelcome behaviour, we urge you to speak out about it immediately. If you wish to express concerns or share experiences, you can do so at the Oerol office in Midsland or by calling or emailing us. Depending on your preferences, we can assist you in contacting enforcement, security, and/or support services. Together, we ensure that Oerol is a safe and positive experience for everyone!

Oerol Festival
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E-mail: vrijwilligers@oerol.nl / info@oerol.nl