After the years of the pandemic, Oerol opted for a radically different approach with a more compact setup, focusing more on nature and the island of Terschelling.

'Degrowth' advocates for reducing consumption and economic production to create a more sustainable and equitable society.

We use thirty percent fewer locations on the island and returned to one central festival hub. The reason? We listened to feedback from visitors, islanders, and nature, and we believe it is important to take responsibility for a livable planet.

actrice en kartonnen hert in het decor tussen de bomen van de theatervoorstelling Sunrise Experience van House of Nows tijdens Oerol 2023
© Nichon Glerum

We not only question ourselves and our suppliers but also you as visitors to examine the ecological impact of your visit. We encourage each other to think about how we can achieve the same or even greater impact with less. Our society is not inherently geared towards the idea of degrowth, but we believe that by making conscious choices more often instead of opting for convenience or economic growth, we can all have a positive impact. In this way, we contribute to minimising our ecological footprint and work together towards a better climate.