Oerol announces first names for the 2024 edition

Acteurs Ferhat Kaplan en Jean Pierre Nshimyumuremyi op het campagnebeeld van de voorstelling Bergen Verzetten van Theater Rast welke op Oerol 2024 zal spelen.
© Anne Claire de Breij

Oerol presents 25 site-specific performances and intimate theatre concerts by Birgit Schuurman, S10, and Naaz this year. Additionally, the festival welcomes a new programmer.

Exceptional linguistic sensibility

Sophia Blyden (30) is the new Storytelling and Talks programmer. She takes over from Farnoosh Farnia. Sophia is a poet, Dutch language expert, and has curated programs for VPRO among other institutions.

“At Oerol, I aim to showcase the richness of spoken word. The various locations (West-End Theater, Bostheater, and the festival hub) allow me to present a diverse range of performances. Solos, storytelling combined with music, theatrical readings, in-depth interviews, interactive poetry with a touch of humor: there’s something for everyone. As a Dutch language expert, I have a fondness for language, so what all acts have in common is an exceptional feeling for linguistic expression. Currently, I’m learning Papiamento, but when I read about Schylgers (a Terschelling dialect), I became more intrigued. In short, I’m diving with great pleasure into the literary world of Oerol and Terschelling. It’s going to be a blast!”

A Worldview

This year, Oerol presents 25 site-specific performances, including thirteen premieres and three Dutch premieres. With themes like the power of the body, celebrating life, and decay, the creators take the audience on a journey through their worldview, aiming to alter narratives. The set design of the dance performance “Waste Me” by Maas theater en dans represents the exact amount of waste thrown away by a European in a year. Cecilia Moisio’s dance performance offers a strong commentary on the runaway consumer society and advocates for consuming less. Ferhat Kaplan is a new creator at Theater RAST. Last year, he participated in the Atelier LAB (a multi-day introduction program for new creators); now, he presents “Bergen Verzetten” at the festival. Ferhat grew up in the rough streets of Brabant and wonders what is better: a malevolent multinational CEO or a loving drug lord? Wind also plays a significant role on the island; the French group Groupe Zur makes the invisible forces of the wind visible with “Vento,” and Calefax Reed Quintet fulfills a longstanding wish with “Strandbeest Zingt”: a collaboration with artist and inventor Theo Jansen.

Growing Pains and Stumbling

S10 will create her very first theater show “Groeipijn” (Growing Pains) at Oerol. With expressiveness and authenticity, she tells her personal stories of growing pains into adulthood, with new music and old material in a new light. In the Bostheater, Birgit Schuurman performs her music theater show “Struikelen” (Stumbling) before taking it to theaters. Through singing and storytelling, she delves into the chaos of her mind that is always ‘switched on.’ Naaz Mohammad performed at Carré last year, as the opening act for Lana del Rey and at various festivals. She comes to the Bostheater with a series of personal theater concerts. In her purest form, with her iconic voice, dancing, with energy and immense passion, she tells her stories.

The programmers of Deining, the festival hub by the sea, street theater, Expeditions, and storytelling will announce the first names in March. On May 7th, Oerol Festival will publish the full program on oerol.nl. Ticket sales start on Friday, May 17th. Pre-sale for the over 11,000 Friends of Oerol starts on Tuesday, May 14th.